My Books on Amazon

My more recent books are for sale via Amazon in both paperback and kindle formats - links in blue are to the UK - but they also are on Amazon USA and worldwide. Where YouTube presentations exist their links are also shown below.

1. Adventures in Time and Space Paperback or Kindle

2. Be Yourself Paperback or Kindle 

3. Christianity: The Sad and Shameful Truth Paperback or Kindle

4. Golden Enlightenment 2014 Paperback or Kindle

5. Help Yourself to a Better Life Paperback or Kindle 

6. How Psychics and Mediums Work, The Spirit and the Aura Paperback or Kindle

7. Know Yourself Paperback or Kindle

8. Immortality  Paperback or Kindle

9. The Reason Why You Were Born (2014 edition) Paperback or Kindle

10. Spirit Art Portrait Collection Paperback only 

11. Spiritual Astro-Numerology-The Complete Guide Paperback or Kindle

12. The Evolvement of the Soul Paperback or Kindle

13. The Search for the Fountain of Enlightenment (Fiction) Paperback or Kindle

14. The Wisdom Oracle Paperback or Kindle (Colour editions) 40 pages

15. The Wisdom Oracle Paperback only (Black & White edition) 86 pages

16. A Question of Right by Fred Austin, Appendix & Edited by James McQuitty Paperback or Kindle 

Recommended Books

The following is a list of some of the many books I have found spiritually educational. I do not necessarily agree with every word or teaching contained within each, although I do believe that they each have something to offer to the open-minded seeker.

Click the Blue names or titles to follow a link

Book titles are shown in Red

My Top Recommendation 

Victor & Wendy Zammit - A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife (I also recommend free subscription to the Friday Afterlife Report at their website)

Some of my Personal Favourites

Robert & Amanda Goodwin - Six titles: Truth from the White Brotherhood - The Golden Thread - Answers for an Enquiring Mind - In the Presence of White Feather - The Enlightened Soul - Wisdom of White Feather - (Books also on Amazon kindle)

Allan Kardec - The Spirit's Book

Michael Newton - Two titles: Journey of Souls - Destiny of Souls

Kevin Ryerson and Stephanie Harolde - Spirit Communication-The Soul's Path - USA Amazon Link

Brian Sadler - The Meaning and Purpose of Life - Brian talks about this book and more on Youtube

Irene Sowter - Tails to Tell - The Extraordinary Experiences of an Animal Healer

Other Highly Recommended

Eben Alexander - Proof of Heaven - NDE experience

Alice Bailey - The Consciousness of the Atom

Anthony Borgia - Three books: Life in the World Unseen - More about Life in the World Unseen - Here and Hereafter (see under the "Life after Death" section of the Greater World Christian Spiritualist - Bookshop page)

Carol Bowman - Return from Heaven - Reincarnation within the same family

Ramus Branch - Harry Edwards - The life story of the great healer (the link is to the healing sanctuary site, under books at the site this one is still for sale)

Felicity Joan Medland - Life Around My Father Harry Edwards - I include this one here because like the one above, is about Harry Edwards, by daughter Felicity - the link goes direct to the books section of the sanctuary.

Masaru Emoto - Two titles (from several) - The Hidden Messages in Water - Messages from Water and the Universe

Arthur Findlay - The Rock of Truth

Robin P. Foy - In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship
Lynne McTaggart - The Field - (Scientific investigations)

Paul Miller - Faces of the Living Dead (The amazing psychic art of Frank Leah) 

Ivy Northage - Two titles: Journey Beyond (Trance talks by Chan); Spiritual Realisation (Communicated by Chan)

Ursula Roberts - Two titles: Wisdom of Ramadahn - More Wisdom of Ramadahn 

Kevin Ryerson & Stephanie Harolde - Spirit Communication-The Soul's Path 

Gary E. Schwartz Ph.D. - The Afterlife Experiments - Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death

Robert Schwartz - Your Soul's Plan

Silver Birch - numerous books compiled by various people - Five titles (from the many) - Silver Birch Anthology - The Seed of Truth - Light from Silver Birch - Silver Birch Companion - Lift Up Your Hearts - more at at the linked site under "books"

Frederick C. Sculthorp - Excursions to the Spirit World - For copies of this book follow the link to the Christian Spiritualist website - this book is listed under the "Life after Death" category, near the end of the list.

Raymond Smith - Sir Oliver Lodge group, spiritually transcribed - Three titles: Nobody Wants to Listen-And Yet! - For Those Who Are Willing to Listen read on - The Truth The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Stephen Turoff - Seven Steps to Eternity

White Eagle - numerous books compiled - Five titles (from the many) - Walking with the Angels (Article 8) - Spiritual Unfoldment 1-4


Psychic News - The world famous publication is now a monthly magazine.

Two Worlds - 76 page Monthly Spiritualist magazine.

The Spirit Messenger - Produced by Raye Edwina Brown, a monthly magazine.