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Spiritual Churches and Centres 

Spiritualist National Union (SNU) - Under the 'Our Community' page you will find a list of churches and centres arranged by district and a-z layout. Click Here to go directly to this page.

Isle of Wight (SNU) Churches - Cowes - Ryde - Ventnor

The Greater World - Christian Spiritualist Churches also have many branches listed under the 'Churches' page at their website.

Gilbert Sanctuary - Waterlooville (near Portsmouth) - For the Promotion and development of Physical mediumship.

Psychics, Mediums & Spiritual Artists


Robert Cracknell - Psychic Detective - achieved remarkable successes while helping police forces of the world solve a number of murder cases. 


Brian Rice - (Ryde, IOW) - Available for private sittings - Telephone: 01983 615977

Estelle Webster - (IOW) Regular demos of mediumship - Telephone: 01983 753431

Pauline Firks - Medium Pauline is described as a 'wonderful medium' and I agree. - For the past 35 years, Pauline and her husband, Terry, have been involved in voluntary cat and kitten rescue both in this country and Spain. Pauline is also the treasurer of her Mother's charity, The Costa Blanca Feral Cat Trust. If you'd like to help, I'm sure she would appreciate donations.

Barry De Rose (Essex) - An excellent 'Flower Readings' (and more) medium that I enjoyed meeting and witnessing at one of our events.

Barbara Waters - Spiritualist Medium (friend of Barry, above) do visit her website for more info. (she also produces personalised cards). 

Spiritual Artists

Raye Edwina Brown - Portraits of Guides and The Spirit Messenger magazine.

Sandy Ingham - Medium and Psychic (or spiritual) Artist based in Truro, Cornwall, UK. 

Peter John - For Spirit artwork with a reading - Hampshire, Facebook Link

Lesleigh Badgery - Spiritual Artist based in Sussex, UK.

Healers and Therapists

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary - In Surrey, UK

The Shen Clinic, Isle of Wight - A complementary health clinic that I can thoroughly recommend. Because of them I found that I had a wheat allergy that, by knock-on effect, caused a thyroid imbalance. By removing wheat from my diet, and after several rebalancing treatments, I lost more than 2 stone in weight. Naturally, they treat all kinds of health issues.

Spiritual Surgeons

Spiritual Surgery - Jenny Miller, 19 Hampden Crescent, WARLEY, Essex CM14 5BD - For private appointments or if you would like Jenny to provide a demonstration at your church or centre, please contact her: 01277 210585

Spiritual Surgery - Ed Pearson, 18 Rockford Avenue, SHENFIELD, Essex CM15 8QN - For private appointments or if you would like Ed to provide a demonstration at your church or centre, please contact him: 01277 210585 or 07771 862088

Spiritual Surgery/healing - Ray Brown is a world famous healer.

Spiritual Surgery with Stephen Turoff - I have personally attended Stephen's clinic with excellent results. I have also witnessed surgery on a friend with clear visible results, as well as great improvement, when a protruding disc was painlessly 'chiselled' away to leave a flat back. This procedure left only a slight mark in the area which vanished by the following day. For appointments ring: 01245 348325 - Stephen practices at the Danbury Clinic which is located in the grounds of: Miami Hotel & Conference Centre Princes Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 9AJ - The Hotel - Telephone Number (should you wish to stay) is: 01245 269603


International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) - At the site you will find a link to their "Video Channel".

Afterlife Research and Education Institute

Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit (IISIS)

New Leslie Flint Trust -  Many recordings of spirit communications via "direct voice" that are informative.

The Spirit Archive - Hundreds of E-Books free to download and much, much more.

Eternea - The Convergence of Science and Spirituality

Rupert Sheldrake - YouTube Videos link 

Victor Zammit - Spiritual and Scientific - "A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife" is available via Amazon. Victor also produces an excellent 'Friday Afterlife Report' which you can receive with many excellent reports and links.

The Other Side Press - Spiritual, Scientific. Paranormal and UFO etc.

Spirit of Oneness - Spiritual and Scientific

British Union of Spiritist Societies

US Spiritist Council

The Art of Conscious Living - Numerous Interviews YouTube link Website link

Wisdom from the North - Various Interviews YouTube link

Near-Death Experiences (NDE's)

& Rebirth Video Links

The length of videos given in Minutes and Seconds (unless hours are mentioned)...

NDE Accounts (numerous videos)

Present! - Barbara Whitfield's - NDE (18:04)

NDE - several short comments by those who have had a NDE, with a lovely video (3:51)

Present - Amy Call - An excellent talk (1 hour 16m)

Anita Moorjani - A nice interview (51:52 - NDE part 25 plus mins in)

Cherie Sutherland - NDE (7.56)

Dianne Sherman - NDE (29.45)

Dr Mary Neal - NDE (7:04)

Jessica Haynes - NDE (22:25)

Karla Kineman - NDE (12.33)

Kimberly Clark Sharp - NDE (8.12)

Mellen Thomas Bendict - NDE (2:50)

Michaela - NDE (14.02)

Rebirth or Reincarnation

Reincarnation - Ian Stevenson - Children's past life memories (10:37)

5 Year-old White Boy who was previously a Black Woman (4:48)

Spiritual and Scientific Video Links

(The two are interrelated in many cases...)

Suzanne Giesmann on Eternea (4:27)

Eben Alexander on Eternea (3:18)

Allen Johnson on Eternea (3:05)

Masuru Emoto talking about how thoughts and even the written word has an affect on the vibration of water.

Consciousness and quantum theory - a link worth watching.

Science of the Paranormal with Dr. Claude Swanson (23:29)

Rupert Sheldrake - Shares an Experiment on Animal Telepathy (9:18)

Dr. David Hamilton - Why Kindness is good for you (16:42)

John Edward - An excellent interview with a quality medium (27:50)

Visit to the Hereafter - (Dealing with Grief) (6:19)

Russell Brand - The Awakened Man - A compilation of clips that tell the truth and that Russell is as much a spiritual teacher as a comedian. (11.17)

Richard & Judy - Talk About 'Ghosts' (9:35)

Priest says Hell is an invention of the church - to control people with fear (3:17)

Brian Sadler - The Meaning and Purpose of Life - Author being interviewed by Beryl Thomas - Part 1 of 2 (29:42).

Brian Sadler - The Meaning and Purpose of Life - Author being interviewed by Beryl Thomas - Part 2 of 2 (35:16).

Health Related Video Links

The Truth About Cancer

The Truth... How to Kill Stem Cells (6:47)

The Truth... Chris Walk 'First steps after refusing Chemo  (4:37)

The Truth... Natural 'Drugs' that the Pharmaceutical companies can't replicate (4:34) 

Dr Tenpenny - Vaccines a Crime Against Humanity (15:55)

Dr Suzanne Humphries - Are Vaccines Safe? - The answer is NO (21:56)

The Real Truth Behind Flu Shots (7:40) - The are basically Poison

Better Cancer treatment in Texas - The corruption of the 'establishment' exposed as they try to close them and steal from them. (1 hr. 48 mins) 

Fun Video Links

Donnalou Stevens - Including titles: "If I were Enlightened" & "Older Ladies"

The Snake Oil Willie Band - Including titles: "I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore" and "Gift Card".

Spiritual Music Links

Shawn Gallaway - I Choose Love & I Choose Love (live at Music City)